Wedding information

How do I work?

Couples are the most important part of my work, so I like to have a close relationship with you, know you well and treat each other as friends. Each wedding is exclusive, since each one requires different things. The essential and important of a wedding is to capture the soul of the people, their laughts, cries, nerves, looks…

One of the most important things you have to keep in mind is that photography is the only memory that you will have on your wedding day. For my part, I always give all of me so that you get a perfect keepsake.

All the moments of your wedding report will be spontaneous. All the work is done naturally, without demanding posed, you will not realise that I am with you.


My style

The day of the wedding I work with very discreet equipments so every guest feels comfortable and relaxed in my presence. I love to interact with everyone trying to win their confidence, I try to be another guest.

It is very important that we get to know each other prior to the wedding, that is why I like to talk with you before and make the pre-wedding shoot in order to know how I will work on the wedding day. It is not required to do it but it is recommended. In addition, I am willing to go to your favourite place in your pre-wedding.


Where do I work?

I love travelling more than anything in the world. And the cool thing is that this work had allowed me to discover couples all around the planet!. I can go wherever you have decided to get married or elope, it doesn´t matter how remote you can get, I´ll follow you!

I like to give a personal treatment and, for that reason, I do not exceed in taking more weddings than I can carry out to get a quality work. In this way, I assure an exclusive treatment for each client and also, I promise to personally attend your wedding.


Do you have more questions?

I have tried to explain all as complete as possible. But if you have any other doubts or if you want to know something more specific, just write me:

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